To protect and organize Personal information collected from customers online operation, AltDesain set “Privacy Policy” which is in accordance with the provisions. Here is an important note for users of our site :

Recorded Data Types
AltDesain record data relating to users of the site through the following methods :

  • Automatic data recording methods such as and not limited to communication protocols, IP addresses, cookies, etc.
  • Register online and offline
  • Email correspondence
  • Financial transactions
  • Online and offline communication
  • Sources of information from third parties

Use of Data
The types of data above are used by AltDesain to :

  • Communication in the framework of the provision of services
  • Doing accountability will supply good service to the customers concerned as well as the law enforcement authorities
  • Perform billing for services used by the customer
  • Claiming to be one of the intangible assets
  • Publish in order to promote
  • Included in the WHOIS Domain

Data Security
AltDesain tried his best to keep personal data / enterprise customer of the parties not authorized to receive such data, except for doing these things on the Use of Data.

Data Confidentiality Restrictions
Data considered confidential data and AltDesain not relieved of the obligation to protect it if the data has become part of the public domain and in the public domain as a result of the policies of the authorities to publish such in the WHOIS domain and others.

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